Wisconsin Adventure

Hey everyone! So as you may know- I’m in the US right now and have been really enjoying my time here! Here are my snapshots from my couple of days in Wisconsin! I came to the US with Jonas, Paulius and their whole family to visit their dad and these first two days we spent…

Photos that make me smile #15

Happy weekend everyone! Here’s this week’s photos that make me smile! 🙂 enjoy! all photos from Weheartit.com

Photos that make me smile #13

Today I’m packing and getting ready for a secret weekend getaway for Jonas as his birthday is on Tuesday and decided to quickly post my photos that make me smile! I’ll do a whole blogpost on our weekend when I get back, just don’t want to spoil the surprise for Jonas just yet! 🙂 enjoy…

Photos that make me smile #7

I’m back in the UK today and am on my way to visit Jonas! I’m excited to be back although I already miss home and my family! In order to cheer me up a bit during the journey – I found some beautiful photos that made me smile and I’m here to share them with you…

Photos that make me smile #6

Good morning! A Lithuanian restaurant review is coming later today and a few new recipes this week! Enjoy these photos that make me smile while I’m in the kitchen baking! 🙂 have a lovely day! (all photos from weheartit.com)