A Quarantine Chat | Life Update

Hi everyone!

The past few days I’ve been focusing on getting a very long skincare blogpost prepared for you guys to read next week, where I chat about my current skincare routine and some amazing new finds. Whilst finished that up, I still wanted to put out a blogpost on here this week just to check in and see- how are you all doing?

Are you staying safe and still quarantined at home? I would love to know how you’re spending your time and what the situation is like where you live. 

As for us- we’ve been stuck at home for over a month now, only going out of the house to workout and to the grocery store once every week or every other week (with masks on at all times!). Lots is still unknown and with travel across the Atlantic I was supposed to have coming up very soon, it makes me very sad not knowing what will happen… I don’t know if I can fly out and if I do- can I return? From what it looks like now… nope. And that make me very sad, because I was so happy to go back home to Lithuania for 3 weeks and celebrate something very exciting! That amongst the general scary situation of the virus has me feeling sad a bit at times to say the least. But with the same breath, I’m happy that so many precautionary measures are being put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe. 

With all the uncertainty around the trip and the current situation in general, I’m trying my best to keep calm and remind myself that there is nothing I can do about it. All I can do is try and use this time to work on myself, my health and just wait and see what happens… So I’ve been really focusing on how I feel, staying active, making healthy meals, looking for home decor online and reading.

If you’re feeling stressed, worried or anxious- I hope you find something to calm you down and help you relax every single day. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a walk in the park, a good run or even some me-time with a book that will take you away from all your current worries- indulge in that. It’s more important than anything to make sure you’re staying sane and staying safe during these uncertain times.

And now to end this little chat on a pleasant note, I’m sharing some recent photos from my camera roll portraying what has been calming me down recently. It’s definitely been a lot of delicious wine drinking, sitting on my balcony listening to the birds singing early in the morning, running in our nearby park, reading fictional books, painting and watching many episodes of The Office on Netflix… These seem to have been my go-to ways of calming down and de-stressing. Oh, and obviously lots of cooking and baking!

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