Some of My Favorite At Home Workouts

Staying at home nowadays doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. If your local gym is closed like mine is, there are many ways you can workout and keep fit from the comfort of your own living room, patio or balcony.

Even if you’re reading this a lot later in time and the gyms are back to normal but don’t have a gym membership or just prefer working out from home, hopefully some of these workout videos from YouTube that I love, will come in handy for you!

The Perfect HIIT Workout:

If I want to get my heart rate high and do a little bit of cardio from home, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is my favorite way to do so. HIIT workouts combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise to maximise the amount of calories burned in a short period of time and are normally a great full-body workout! I love this HIIT workout from Katrina Scott of Tone It Up as it not only gets your heart racing but also tones your arms, abs, booty and legs all in 15 minutes.


When I’m not feeling a HIIT workout, I love to do some kickboxing at home. With minimal equipment (if any…) it gets your heart rate going and every single muscle in your body working. I also find it super fun! These two from Pop Sugar Fitness are some of my favorites if I want to do a guided class. Otherwise, I just put my headphones in and improvise!

Legs and Booty:

If you want a quick burn-out to add on to a run outdoors, a HIIT workout or before a session of yoga or pilates, this 8 minute lower-body focused workout is amazing. It’s super challenging but gets your heart rate elevated once again and your legs nice and toned.


For those looking for a bit of a calmer yet still extremely challenging lower body workout to enjoy on its own or after a bit of cardio, try these two from Bailey Brown. I would suggest doing both of these workouts one after the other 2 or 3 times through and you’ll be loving the soreness you feel the next day! The first time I did the butt lift workout after the Tone It Up HIIT workout, my glutes were sore for 2 days!

Arms, Shoulders and Back: 

If you have some weights at home, this arm workout from Tone It Up is intense and amazing. It works every single part of the arms and has you sweat for it too!


If you want something that doesn’t require any weights and all you need is a mat, you may prefer this one.


Although it seems like we work abs with pretty much all other exercises, I like to do a few days a week, where I do an ab workout of some sort. I normally just do my own exercises, or the Tone It Up Abs workout above.  However, the second one (15 minute abs workout) also seems quite good and one I will be trying out!


And last but not least, it’s very important to stretch before and after your workout! It helps warm up the muscles and joints before those big moves and afterwards, to release tension, cool down and prevent sore and achey muscles for many days to come. I’ve shared a few of my favorite stretch and yoga routines above.

I hope this post will come in handy to all of you trying to stay active from inside your home. There is an endless amount of videos on Youtube, but I shared some of my favorites with all of you today. Let me know in the comments if you try any of these out, or if you have any other suggestions of your own. I would love to try something new too! 🙂

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  1. petiteelliee says:

    I’ve been making so much more of an effort to stretch at the minute! Love this post babe

    Ellie xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, stretching is so important and feels so good! I love to see the difference over time of how my flexibility improves! ❤


  2. jen corral says:

    These are awesome! I’ll definitely give them a try

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Let me know which one you try!:)


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