The Holidays Have Come & Gone

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long delay in posts over the holidays- seems like Christmas was still to come and in a few manic weeks, it’s now the new year! I don’t know about you, but for me, this year the holidays passed by so quick as I had so many things to do and errands to run. Sadly, this meant there were no posts from me during the holidays, but it was nice to catch up with friends and family and take a little bit of a break.

Things have been super busy while I’ve been in Lithuania- from packing, unpacking, cleaning up, celebrating the holidays, travelling to see family and friends and other quite big things we’ve been working on. I also went to Cyprus right before Christmas and I can’t wait to share some photos and possibly a video from the trip on here soon.

Now that it’s January it is finally starting to quiet down a bit and I can’t wait to get back into somewhat of a routine this month. Jonas is currently back in Eindhoven for work whilst I am still in Lithuania. He’s coming back again next week and we may be travelling again very soon. My plan while I’m here is to clean up my closet in my parent’s house and get a few things off my to-do list done… such as get a mini health check-up, visit a museum exhibition I’ve been wanting to go to and possibly, go to a ceramics workshop!

Seems like I could make a whole video of me just chatting and catching you all up on everything that is happening, but that may have to wait until a later day 🙂 For now, I thought I would give you a quick update and share some photos from the holidays before I get started on some more blogposts for next week. Hope all of you had a lovely holiday season and enjoy seeing a snippet into mine below! Happy New Year & Speak soon 🙂

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