New Addition to the Shkertik Bracelet Range- a Perfect Xmas Gift!

Are you still on the hunt for a little present for someone this Christmas?

Well….I love Shkertik Bracelets. They’re a brand of Lithuanian, hand-made, wind-inspired bracelets and I have a whole separate blog post on their classic range from a few years ago. If you haven’t read it yet- please do! These bracelets are a great option if you like casual, yet fun bracelets to amp up your style with any outfit- whether it’s a pop of color or a subtle monotone to match your clothes.

Recently, Shkertik came out with a new bracelet range- the Magnetic Shkertik bracelets that come in a single wrap design or a double wrap design. It’s a very simple, beautiful and easy-to-wear accessory that suits anyone and everyone! I absolutely love them for their minimalistic design and the fact that you can customise them to suit your style. They’re also really great quality and I have never had any complaints about the craftsmanship of these incredible accessories.

They are also a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season. You can choose the metal magnet closure color and the color of the rope. So if the person you’re looking to get it for is all suited and booted- a black rope and magnet may be your choice, but if they like a little glam in their life… you may choose the gold rope with a gold closure. You can also get them engraved, putting a little personal touch to them. Which is what I did for Jonas, my dad and my brother. For Jonas, I put the word FOCUS, as it’s one of the main words and mottos one of his favorite authors says. For my brother, I engraved LT and a heart to represent Lithuania and for my dad, I engraved the Lithuanian version of the word “DAD”.

With a little personalization, these bracelets become a great present choice for pretty much anyone. If you decide to get one of the Shkertik bracelets as a gift for someone or to treat yourself, make sure to use the code ENJOY to receive €5 off your order on the Shkertik website! 


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