Planning a Wedding in 3 Months- Invitations!

If you’ve set the date and the location of your wedding, it’s time to get those invitations done up and sent out to your guest list! Nowadays, there are so many different ways to let your loved ones know about your special day- you can do the classic invitation cards sent by post, a wedding website, e-mail invite, send chocolates, cupcakes or champagne with the invitation details on them or even a video. Depending on what you choose, hopefully my tips below will help you get your invitations done with no worries!

Send ‘Save the Date’ cards up to 12 months before your wedding.

These are optional and very popular in the US as they’re extremely helpful for destination weddings and holiday weekend celebrations. You can never give guests too much notice and with a save the date, you can inform your guests of the date and possibly the location while you’re still getting all the details planned out.

Send your invitations up to 3 months prior.

Include an RSVP date of 3-4 weeks before the wedding, to give you time to follow up with anyone who hasn’t responded before the catering deadline. Keep in mind, this will vary on your location and your wedding. We sent our invites out 2 months before the wedding and asked everyone to let us know 4 weeks in advance, so we could plan out the amount of food and desserts we would need with the catering team.

Find your style.

This will be quite easy if you have already picked your wedding venue and the theme of your wedding. If you’ve decided to do a beach-themed wedding, then make the invites nautical and natural. If you’ve gone for a classic/vintage wedding, add in some calligraphy, old paper and elements of gold and natural colors like we did. If you’re doing something modern- why not go with an out-of-the-box invitation idea rather than a card invite? I touched on this earlier, but you could do a video, a website or even an e-mail!

Be specific about who’s invited.

Make sure you write out everyone’s name or nickname you are inviting on that specific invite. This will help you avoid some awkward conversations later!

Cover all the details.

In addition to the standard date, time and location, consider whether guests need directions to the venue, transport details, dress code or accommodation information. You could inform your guests when they should arrive at the venue so that everything starts on time and ask about any dietary requirements in advance. You can then inform the catering team about any allergy sufferers to accommodate for!

Think about how you will deliver the invites.

If you’re sending out card invites- think about the logistics and how can you send out invitations so that they won’t get ruined. You can always hand deliver some of the invites yourself, but inevitably there will be some guests who you’ll have to send the invitation to via mail. Make sure they’re packaged safely and get to them in one piece!

If you’re doing a website, a video or something even more technologically advanced, think of a cool way to share the electronic invite with your guests! Will you send out a massive e-mail, share it on facebook or send them a little card asking to visit a specific website you’ve been working on? There are tons of ways to share the news- think outside the box!

Request or make a sample.

Whether you’re making your own or having custom invitations designed, seeing a sample will ensure you’re happy with the end result and cost to produce. Also make sure you proof read the text and look over any design details/alignment multiple times! Get your other half, parents or even friends to look over it as it’s super easy to overlook any typos when you’re working on something so exciting!

Purchase more than you need.

There’s often someone you wish you could have invited… If you’re writing the names out by hand- ask for 5 or 10 extra and if you’re getting them all completely done up (like we did in out case) ask whoever is making them in advance if they can get back up supplies for a few extras just in case you need them later down the line.

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t fill in your RSVP card or get back to you on time.

It’s okay for guests to RSVP via phone or email – the most important thing is that they’ve responded and if they didn’t, text or e-mail them yourself to check up on them once the RSVP date has passed. People can get so busy that they forget the RSVP deadline sometimes and you getting in touch is a lot safer than making assumptions!


Our Wedding Invitations:

For our wedding, Jonas and I really wanted to go the old-fashion, classic route and send out card invites. It was so special for us to have a copy of our own invite to frame when we move into a house, but also to keep as a memory for us and our guests. It was actually lovely to hear some of our guests mention how much they enjoyed getting an invite through the post, as they hadn’t received letters like that in ages!

We got ours made up by our decorator and coordinator- they were printed on an old fashioned thick paper that was then hand torn to look aged. The invite sheet was then glued onto a thick rich forest-green paper that folded into an envelope and closed with a gold seal. We ended up absolutely loving our invitations and think it fit our theme of vintage elegance very well! Because we did have quite a lot of guests who were not from Lithuania, we got 2 versions done up- one in English and one in Lithuanian, which was extremely helpful.

You can find some of the wedding invite ideas we worked on with our decorator and the final product below.



Final invitations:

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

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