A Wonderful Day in Oxford

Hey everyone!

So back in July, before we moved out of the UK, Jonas and I took a day trip to Oxford. I had been ages ago, but it was Jonas’ first time there and we knew we had to go before we moved. With Cambridge off the list a few years ago, we couldn’t leave the country without visiting Oxford!




We arrived by train around 10am and walked through the city center, where we had a lovely lunch at The Crown pub. We then walked around the rest of the city- visited the Covered Market (really cool place for food lovers), University Grounds, the Bridge of Sighs, Natural History Museum as well as the Castle. We were very lucky with the weather and there weren’t too many tourists around, so really enjoyed our day.

I’ve added some photos in this post for you to have a look as well as a travel vlog-style video I put together of some footage Jonas filmed while we were there. It was just after we bought a GoPro, so we really wanted to test it out. Sorry it took ages to put this post up, but I wanted to have the video edited and live on YouTube for you to watch and finally got around to doing so after all of the wedding planning and our honeymoon!

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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