A Weekend Back In The UK

Hey everyone, so this past weekend Jonas and I went back to the UK for a few days. If you didn’t know yet, Jonas has been doing a PhD at the University of Surrey for the last 4 years and after submitting his thesis in July, he had his viva examination this past Friday. Needless to say, he did an absolutely amazing job and can now be called a Dr! I am extremely proud of him and what he has achieved. It was so cool to see him present his work at the University and then celebrate with him and our friends.

We made our trip into a little mini vacation & really enjoyed seeing loads of our friends again. It was also super cool to visit our favorite spots in London & be back in Guildford for a bit. I lived there for the past 3 years and going back felt so natural- it felt as if we never even left. I absolutely love it there & can’t wait to go back and visit again before Christmas. London is gorgeous before the holidays, so I’m definitely looking at tickets to visit in December!

Anyways, as we visited quite a few places while we were there (actually…restaurants), I thought I would add in some photos from our trip in case you guys were interested 🙂 We couldn’t be in London and not visit places like Covent Garden and have some shake shack… it’s Jonas’ favorite burger place!

It was a lovely little return to the UK & I absolutely loved it!

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