Cream Tea at the Tea Terrace in Cobham

If you’re a fan of all things girly and chic or are looking for a cute day out with friends or children- you will love the Tea Terrace in Cobham!

About a month ago Jonas and I got invited to go to the Tea Terrace and enjoy a traditional English Cream Tea. As we were in the process of packing up all our items and moving out of the UK, we took up on the offer to try out their delicious scones one last time before we departed.

Cobham wasn’t too far from Guildford so it was very convenient to get there. As we had been to the Guildford Tea Terrace a few times, we were excited to see how it compared. The restaurant was situated in the main part of town and right when we entered, we were pleasantly surprised with the beautiful interior of the place. The entire restaurant is decked out in white and pastel furniture and decorated with beautiful peach and pink flower walls. There were also a few cinderella carriages you can sit in, which we obviously did!


We had eaten at the Tea Terrace multiple times, but had never gotten their Cream Tea, so it was something we were definitely excited to try. We always opt for Afternoon tea when we have guests visiting or if we have a special occasion, but Cream Tea (which consists of a pot of tea, 2 scones and some Clotted Cream and Jam) was the perfect option for a traditional British treat without going too overboard.

Both Jonas and I chose the traditional plain scones with strawberry jam. They arrived on beautiful floral plates- just like in an old fashioned English movie and with them we chose a traditional English Breakfast Tea. When we bit into them (after a few nice photos, of course) we were overjoyed to find out they were still warm and freshly baked. With the delicious toppings of cream and jam- it’s a treat to die for and we can’t wait to treat ourselves again, when we go back to London in September!


If you’ve never been to the Tea Terrace, make sure to go when you’re next in Guildford, Cobham or Oxford Street. If you’ve got little kids- they will love it too as the decor of the place is definitely every little girl’s dream!

Check out the Tea Terrace HERE!

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