We’re Married!

Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed from my lack of posts on here the past few weeks, I have been extremely busy… planning our wedding!

Jonas and I got married last Saturday, on the 3rd of August in Vilnius, Lithuania and we couldn’t be happier! We planned our wedding in just 3 months, but it was the best day of our lives filled with so much emotion, smiles, love and friends and family. Being surrounded by everyone during the wedding was amazing and finally becoming a family was something we were both really looking forward to!

We will be waiting for more photos from the ceremony and the day from our photographer for a few months, but we got a sneak peek last night, which I had to share. Here’s a glimpse into our mornings preparing for the wedding and a few photos from the day 🙂

I will definitely be doing lots of wedding prep/planning posts now that our big day has happened and share my tips with all of you planning your weddings! If you have any specific requests- let me know!

Lots of love x


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