Summer Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

With summertime being a popular time for weddings, some of you may be looking for dress options for a wedding coming up!

I attended a wedding of our dear friends just last week and thought I would put together a post of some of my favourite picks from ASOS if you’re struggling to find a dress for a beautiful wedding coming up this summer! It can be a bit daunting if you don’t already have something in your closet as there is just soooo many options out there.

I always think it’s best to stick to pastel, muted and dark tones for weddings (avoid anything even a little close to white or bright, loud colours). However, make sure you check the info on the invite, in case there is a specific dress-code. Maybe the bride and groom have asked for a specific colour scheme (blues, neutrals, jewel-tones, pastels) or have gone for a fun holiday or festival-themed wedding.

Just to play it safe, I’ve gathered 8 pieces I think would be perfect for any wedding you may attend this summer in the collage below. Feel free to use this as a guide or shop around using the links underneath the photos 🙂

Untitled design-2


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