My Skincare Essentials

Hey everyone!

So this spring I have really focussed on trying out some new skincare items and finding what suits me. I’ve narrowed down my favourite exfoliators, cleanser, oil and moisturiser and wanted to share them with you today in case you’re on the lookout for some recommendations.


Bioderma purifying cleansing foaming gel: I bought my first bottle last summer and since then I’ve stocked up on this massive bottle the last time I went home to Lithuania! It’s a very lovely cleanser that washes off literally every ounce of dirt or makeup I have one my face by the end of the day. It doesn’t have a strong scent at all and is so gentle. I absolutely love the way my skin feels after it- it’s not dried out nor greasy.

Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator: This Kiehl’s moisturiser is a relatively new find for me- I bought my first bottle about a month ago and now absolutely swear by it! It’s light, yet gives my skin the loving it wants and needs. It also has a tiny bit of a tint to it and some shimmer, making it the perfect moisturiser to use if you’re not the biggest fan of makeup. I’ve been going to the gym every day for the past few weeks and it’s lovely to put this one on- it doesn’t cover everything up, but does give my skin a bit of a natural, radiant glow!  


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: I have used this facial oil on and off for 4 of 5 years now and have got to say, I never understand why I ever stop using it! I have oily skin so I was never too keen on oils, but this is just a magical potion that feeds my skin throughout the night. I always wake up with glowy, soft skin when I use it. The scent is lovely as well.. really helps me fall asleep. 


Exfoliants: I swear by exfoliating my skin to remove any dead skin cells and keep it glowy and youthful. I use a physical and a chemical exfoliant in my weekly routine. I love the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Glow-boosting Microdermabrasion Scrub as a physical exfoliant every now and then when I see visibly dry skin on my face that I need to slosh off. It’s not too abbrasive but gets the job done- leaving my skin nice and smooth.  The Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel is something I use multiple times a week. If I have an event coming up or just a bad skin week, I’ll even use it every day or every other day. I’ll be honest- it smells awful, but it really does do a miracle job! It leave my skin smooth and I swear I feel like it helps with any blemishes surfacing. It may also be that I’ve really cleaned up my diet in the past month, but I want to give credit to this product as well.

Uoga Uoga Unicorn Tears: Now, by no means is this an essential, but in the summer heat it definitely is a life saver! I love face sprays in the summer for a bit of a refresh throughout the day or if my skin is just feeling a bit meh. I absolutely LOVE this spray that I got from Lithuania when I went home during Easter. They had 2 different types there and I chose this one. Not only because of its name and the fact that it’s specifically for normal and sensitive skin, but also because I love the smell of lavender. It’s such a lovely spray that really helps perk my skin up in the morning or throughout the day. I also love the fact that it’s in a glass bottle- much more eco-friendly and also feels a bit high-end! 


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