Get Ready For Those Summer Picnics!

When the weather starts to feel more like summer and the sun is shining… there is nothing better than a British picnic! I did a picnic post last year, but thought I would do an updated one to share my picnic must haves with all of you. So grab a coffee or a tea and a little notepad to write down what you need to make sure you take with you on your next picnic 🙂

Basket– Bring your favourite snacks in an easy-to-carry, picturesque basket that you can set to the side and not worry about items falling out. It will be a life saver if you’re planning on staying in the sun for a while and digging into the food throughout the day! There is nothing less cute than a plastic bag from a grocery store in the middle of a beautiful, green field.

Cool bag- Who doesn’t love a refreshing cold drink, when it’s boiling outside? Make sure to bring your cool bag with a few cold packs in it to ensure your drinks, fruit or even ice lollies stay cold in the heat! If it’s my choice, then the cool bag will be well utilised for a lovely bottle of bubbly!

Sunscreen– Ensure to stay safe in the sun and bring some sunscreen with you. With the lack of sunlight we normally get here in the UK, it’s vital you wear SPF when the sun is out to prevent yourself from getting burnt and ruining your day. I always have a daily moisturiser on that has at least a bit of SPF, but if you know you’ll be spending some time outdoors- lather up!

Blankets– Don’t risk getting yourself dirty on the grass in case it’s misty or if you’re wearing some light clothing and bring blankets to set your picnic up. If it gets cool after a few hours of fun in the sun, you’ll also be glad you brought extras to cuddle up in!

Healthy Snacks for all– I absolutely love a good charcuterie board and a selection of cheeses with wine or prosecco, but make sure to have tons of healthy options in your basket so that you don’t regret going all out at the end of the day. My go-to healthy snacks to bring to a picnic include crudités with hummus, egg white muffins or even a salad that you can mix together with dressing later on! Some protein bars are always a good option (Jonas and I have been loving the Vive Dark Chocolate covered vegan bars) and don’t forget some berries too for a healthy treat at the end.

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 22.21.43.png

Outdoor activities- Enjoy the weather and the outdoors with friends or family and make sure to spend some quality time off your phones. Bring along some books or magazines, a football, maybe even your badminton gear! Not only will it be some fun in the sun, but may even end up being a great active day outdoors.

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