Spring Vacation Snapshots

Hey everyone! Happy weekend šŸ™‚

As you know from my previous posts- I was in Lithuania for Easter and a week extra to enjoy some peace and quiet there. I had an absolutely amazing time as I got to see my family, my grandparents, Jonas’ family and some of our friends. The first few days I went to the seaside in Palanga with my parents, where we were pleasantly surprised by the quiet there. It’s not the peak of the season there yet, so it was actually very relaxing! We had tons of delicious food, did some working out and even went out riding some bikes.

I then spent a few days by the lake house, back in Vilnius and then again at the lake house. It was a busy, yet lovely time- I got to visit my favourite restaurants and cafes, eat some yummy food, do some very exciting shopping (eeek!) and even try something new- stand up paddle boarding…! If you didn’t see my Instagram post from the day, Jonas’s brother and his girlfriend brought some boards with them and we built up the courage to try them out on a hot day although we knew if we fell into the lake, we wouldn’t be too happy. We ended up having a blast and not falling in!

Hope you enjoy these pics and speak to you soon!

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