Sakura Park in Vilnius!

Spring always brings beautiful blooms in a variety of sizes and colours. Every year, when spring comes to Vilnius I always see a flood of photos from friends and family visiting the blooming Sakura trees by the river Neris and the CUP shopping centre. I never had the chance to visit the beautiful Sakura park in years before, but when I visited home last week- it was the first place my mom, dad, Jonas and Bella visited!



Sakura Trees- also known as Japanese Cherry Blossoms, were planted in Vilnius in 2001, in honour of Chiune Sugihara, to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Japanese diplomat Sugihara. Chiune Sugihara served as a Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania and was particularly famous for issuing transit visas to thousands of Jews during World War II- saving thousands of lives.

There were 200 trees planted in 2001 and The Park blooms every spring, filling the riverside with clouds of pink and white buds, turning to flowers and eventually into fluttering petals. It was a sight worth seeing, especially as we came in the midst of the fresh white blossom blooms. The weather on the day was absolutely gorgeous- there were tons of people, but still so peaceful, especially with a live saxophone playing beautiful love songs for those enjoying the view.


LRG_DSC09493 2

Having been there now- I absolutely recommend visiting it if you live in Lithuania or are planning a spring-time trip. For any flower lover, or anyone who generally loves nature and all it’s glory- it’s a must see.

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