Spring Cleaning 101

Everytime March rolls around, something goes off in my head that urges me to Spring Clean!

I know it may sound like an absolute cliche, but I agree with everyone out there that says that spring is the time to revamp your wardrobe, clear out old products, deep clean your home and declutter your life. Winter is over, the sun is coming out and it’s time to start fresh!


This year I thought I would share some of my Spring Cleaning tips with all of you. Not only will this hopefully help you, but it will also help me decide what to do first in our own home!

  1. Set a few days aside, to do everything in one go. Normally Jonas and I clean a bit each day and set Sunday aside as a cleaning day in general; but when it comes to Spring Cleaning, I try and set aside a few full or half days to complete everything in one weekend. Not sure why, but I just can’t have half the flat clean and the other half still a mess, so I try and do everything in one go!
  2. Start with one room and move on to the others. I think it’s always easiest to start with one part of your home rather than doing all in one go. Obviously, if you are hoovering or washing the floor, then do all the rooms in one go, but maybe keep that as the last thing to do. If you’re clearing out items, re-organising and cleaning up, then do it all in one room before going onto the others. For instance, I am planning to start in the kitchen- by clearing out the cupboards and the fridge, throwing out old produce, taking out the bins and wiping down all surfaces before going into the living room area.
  3. Be prepared. This is a simple one, but just have tons of trash bags, cleaning spray and wipes etc as well as some fun music or a movie in the background to get you through it.
  4. Don’t dwell too much on old things. Unless it’s sentimental, my rule is if it’s expired, if it’s damaged or (clothing wise) if you haven’t worn it in over 12 months; bin it! We tend to hold on to too many things and hord everything, but do your best and set aside the items you dont and wont use anymore and either throw them out, give them away or donate to charity!
  5. Get some flowers. It’s a simple one, but some fresh flowers or plants at home in spring will instantly boost your mood, freshen up the space and make everything seem that more put together.
  6. Treat yourself. At the end of this massive task, treat yourself to something nice. Whether that’s that one new dress or handbag you have been wanting to buy, or a dinner out with your friends or boyfriend- treat yourself after accomplishing this spring clean!


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  1. Great tips! I’m living in the dorm but I think some of them are still quite compatible 🙂 I’ve been cleaning these days!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thanks so much! ❤


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