Restaurant Review: Byron Burger B-Rex and C-Rex Burgers!

Hey everyone! So about a week ago, on Jonas’ birthday we went to the Byron Burgers restaurant on High Street Kensington and got a chance to try out their new B-Rex and C-Rex Burgers!

I was actually invited to an evening event a few days prior where they were showcasing these burgers while enjoying the company of many different bloggers, music and cocktails but wasn’t able to make it. It sounded and looked amazing, and I must say I was rather jealous until we came in for our private tasting.

We were greeted by the General Manager of the restaurant- Joe, who cared for us the entire 2 hours we were there. First of all, being treated to a lovely gift-box that all the attendees on the special night received, containing a Byron Lager, their signature hot sauce and some cute burger gummies, followed by delicious food… it was a wonderful day! To top it all of, it was Jonas’s birthday so quite a nice treat too!

When we were offered some drinks, Jonas ordered the Byron Lager while I ordered a glass of prosecco as we decided on what to eat. We were then invited to try out their B-Rex burger and if we wanted- their new C-Rex Burger as well.

First launched five years ago in 2014, the B-Rex was one of the most popular burger specials ever released by Byron. It came off the menu to make way for new additions, but this cult favourite is now back by demand – available nationally from the 12thof February. Head of Food, Katie Lister described the B-Rex as, “…one of our original Hamburger Specials, known and loved by our loyal customers. We’re so excited to see the B-Rex roam the earth, once again!” The B-Rex is a classic hamburger patty topped with an onion ring, plus crispy smoked bacon and American cheese. Jalapeños add plenty of kick, while sliced pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and a little mayonnaise make this the ultimate BBQ burger.

They also released 2 other versions- the Cluck-osaurus Rex, or C-Rex (a chicken version of the burger) and a new herbivore cousin the Veggie-saurus Rex, or V-Rex (with bean patty, hold the bacon).

Having spoken to Joe about the burger options- Jonas went for the classic B-Rex with a side of loaded fries, while I ordered the C-Rex with a side of their famous courgette fries. While we waited for our food, we were so eager as no one else in the restaurant had the option of ordering these just yet.

When the burgers arrived they were massive and we right away knew we would not need anything else… they were stacked with onion rings and came with a little pickle on the side and my oh my, I have got to say they were amazing! Jonas absolutely loved his B-Rex as it was super rich and juicy. I normally don’t even go for chicken burgers but I would definitely go and get a C-Rex again in the future. It was crispy and juicy, rich but also relatively light. The combination of the flavours was amazing!

We stuffed our faces and felt like having a bit of a rest after such a big burger, but Joe insisted we try out some of their freakshakes. I mean… when you’re told you can go and make your own- there is no way to say no! We went up to the bar, where we were showed how to make them- I made a Vanilla Malt one, while Jonas made a Chocolate and Bourbon one. We got the glasses rimmed with a caramel and a chocolate sauce, poured the shakes in and then decorated with an Oreo cheesecake, an Oreo Ice-cream sandwich and whipped cream. We even got a bit of an applause from others watching as we carried them over to our table and attempted to finish them! I only got through a few sips, although it was absolutely delicious. I was just so full from the meal before, so had to leave the rest. Jonas, however, didn’t disappoint and finished the whole thing!

We left the restaurant super happy and with massive smiles on our faces. We can’t wait to go again sometime soon to enjoy some more C-Rex and B-Rex burgers and highly recommend you go too if you are a fan of burgers yourself.

If you want to go and try them out, or any of their other options, make sure to check out their website here and find a local spot! 🙂

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  1. Vygaudas says:

    Paula, tokius burgerius valgėm???!!!:)

    Nuoširdžiai/Sincerely, Vygaudas Ušackas

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