Top 5 Chill Coffee Spots in Exeter

As you may know, for 4 years I lived in Exeter when I was completing my Bachelor’s Degree. I thought I would use my memories from those good days and do up a blogpost on some of my favourite spots to go and grab a coffee or chill in between lectures and assignments in case you go and visit Exeter or study there yourself. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a delicious cup of coffee, enjoy some cake with a good book or take in a nice view, I have my top 5 recommendations below. And let me tell you, as I was writing this up and looking for photos from my fave spots, it really made me want to go back and visit!

Mill on the Exe. This cute pub/restaurant was a 5 minute walk away from my studio flat for 3 years and I absolutely loved it. They had a delicious vegan curry that I would get there for dinner, but I would also go there sometimes to enjoy some coffee or a tea by the river Exe. Nothing spectacular, just a nice location with a good selection of food and pub-style drinks.


Tea on the Green. This is probably the busiest cafe off the High Street in Exeter because of it’s spectacular view. Literally right in front of the cathedral green, it’s a beautiful scene when the sun is shining. I went there quite a few times while I studied in Exeter and would always get a coffee or a tea and a scone- so traditional and beautiful with the view in front. Make sure you go in the morning, when it’s less busy or be prepared to wait a bit for a seat if you want to sit outside.


Coffee #1. This was my favourite spot in town. I went there all the time- when I had hours to spare between lectures or finished classes early, I would pop over to Coffee #1 (just behind Debenhams, hidden away nicely). As it wasn’t on the main high street, it was a bit less busy and more quiet. The perfect spot to grab a delicious coffee and carrot cake or a smoothie on the go! I would sit here for hours reading a book or a scientific paper for my degree. Really miss this place and definitely highly recommend it if you ever visit Exeter!

Samuel Jones. Samuel Jones was a final year find for me thanks to my friend Egle. I went there probably a total of 8 times, but all in the last few months of me studying in Exeter. I have no idea how I never discovered it earlier, but it’s by the quay, which is where I spent a lot of my final year evenings, going for walks. It’s a restaurant with a delicious menu of desserts that will blow you away, but make sure to book if you’re coming for a meal during the weekend as it gets quite busy. If you are grabbing coffee and the weather is nice- make sure to sit outside as the view is lovely, especially if the swans are around!

Costa at the Forum. This is really for the university students themselves, and if you study at Exeter already, then you must love it by now. The perfect go-to spot on campus with a lovely terrace to enjoy the sun if weather permits! I can’t tell you how many times this Costa saved me during revision, long lecture hours or even when I had too much time on my hands between semesters and just wanted to enjoy my time on campus. I really miss it- after being a student there you also get to know the baristas and seeing them everyday was also a nice little treat 🙂

I hope this post helps you if you’re in Exeter and looking for a place to grab a nice cup of coffee or a lovely snack. If you’re a student or are thinking of moving there- make sure to visit my suggested places above, as I must say I really really miss them! Speak soon! 🙂

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