How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year, people all around the world make a list of things they want to try, change or achieve. New Year’s resolutions are always a hype the first few weeks of January, but it’s always tough to keep them without slipping up. I think it’s more important to reflect on your goals every week and check and see where you are at. You don’t have to wait for the first of January to start those small changes- it can even be the 3rd week of February, as long as you set something you want to achieve and work towards it!

A lot of times these sort of resolutions are complete lifestyle changes and can be very drastic- meaning keeping up with them is difficult and many often fail. However, setting goals for yourself is good and that is why I thought I would  want share a few tips on how you can successfully plan and achieve your Resolutions/Goals this year!


  1. Plan Small. Make sure to make a reasonable list that won’t be too long and won’t overwhelm you with how much you want to change. Evaluate your current situation, think of what you will do to achieve it and think of how you will do it in a timely manner. If you set too high standards or too many goals, unfortunately, you are more likely to fail!
  2. Have a physical list. Writing a to-do list is always a great idea for many as it’s a place where you jotted down all your ideas, plans and things you have to get done in one day. They’re a definite must-have for me. If you write your resolution list and then have it in front of you every day (whether it’s on your fridge, on your phone or on your desk), you are more likely to achieve your resolutions as you will constantly be reminded of what you want to do… and as always- fail to plan, plan to fail!
  3. Go slow. Don’t try and change everything at once as you will not be used to a drastic change of various aspects in your life. If you overwhelm yourself, you may be successful in the first couple of days, however, over time you will naturally want to go back to your normal routine and be less likely to attempt and follow all the changes you set out for yourself. Therefore- go slow, try and start working on a single resolution at a time and once you feel comfortable about it- move on to the next!
  4. Check in with yourself. Go through your list every week and see how you are doing. Are you slipping up? Are you right on track? Seeing your own progress of the goals you would like to achieve will make sure you are more likely to succeed! It will also encourage you to keep going or change whatever you are doing in order to stay on track.
  5. Set mini goals for your bigger goals. Whatever your goal is – split it up into smaller goals! Let’s say you want to loose 10 lbs… rather than writing down this resolution alone, put down that you want to loose 2 lbs every month 🙂 This will ensure that you are taking smaller, achievable steps! Seeing a single large goal in front of you will also be more overwhelming than setting smaller ones you want to tick off every month or so.
  6. Find an accountability partner! Find someone who will encourage you and you will encourage along the way. Having a partner who you can work with to achieve your goals, someone you can push and also celebrate small achievements with will make reaching your goals that much more fun and easy!
  7. Reward yourself. Whenever you achieve your goals, or even small steps along the way- reward yourself! You are bettering yourself and making sure you are healthy and happy, so achievements like this are worth celebrating! Treat yourself to a small dessert, a lovely long weekend walk, a bubble bath or even a small glass of wine! Whatever you fancy! It will also encourage you to keep up with your resolutions as you will most likely be looking forward to your future reward.

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