Deck The Halls!

Hey everyone 🙂

Every year Jonas and I select an evening during the weekend to decorate our flat for the holidays. I must say, we always do it rather early and to save ourselves from the embarrassment this year, I am only posting this now, even though me may have decorated about a month ago… haha!

Our flat isn’t too big, so we don’t have a lot to decorate, but last year we made a whole evening out of it by making some mulled wine and enjoying some mince pies. You can read the post from last year here!

It’s become sort of a tradition now, so this year again we made some mulled wine, got some stollen and mince pies from M&S and sat down with ELF in the background while we decorated our flat! There wasn’t much to do, mainly just putting up some fairy lights and decorating our miniature tree we got from M&S last year! It only takes 5 minutes to decorate, but since we wanted to ensure we got in the Christmas spirit, we took our time and may have spent 10 minutes this year 🙂  I know our decorations may not be much, but whilst we live in a small flat- this will do! Can’t wait until we have a proper tree, however, and spend a whole afternoon decorating in the future!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve put your tree up and if you decorated already to get into the holiday spirit! Xx

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