My 8 Handbag Must-Haves

I don’t know about you, but before I leave the house there are some must-have items that I make sure I always have in my bag.  I’d hate to be somewhere and all of a sudden a headache comes along, or it starts pouring rain and I don’t have what I need to help me out.

I always have my must-haves with me in whatever bag I take. No matter how big or small the bag is, I always have a few things that never leave my side. In today’s post I’m going through 8 things that I must have in my bag no matter where I go!

  1. Credit card– this seems quite obvious, but I always have to have my credit card (and ID as a matter of fact) on me. You never know when you may need to pay for an emergency trip or something like that, so I always have them on me.  I carry my cards in a gold card holder, which I have become so obsessed with- I even forget to use my normal wallet!32S5MTVD1M-0705_1
  2. Cash– even more important than a credit card, I always have some cash on me. I’ve been told that I should always have at least £5 or £10 in case I need to get home and take a cab, or if wherever I’m going doesn’t take card. I also think it’s useful to have cash on me in case I want to donate some- especially around the holidays, there are always charities around collecting money and they only take cash.
  3. Pain killers– whether it’s for a headache, tummy ache or any other aches and pains… they always come in handy either for me or someone around me.
  4. Umbrella– I’ve become used to the weather here in the UK, so I always carry an umbrella with me in my bag. On the days I take a tiny bag I now carry one in my hand, just because the times I didn’t have one… it would start to rain and I would immediately regret not having one. Definitely a must-have if you live in the UK! 408-76003396-HURRICANEBLACK_BLACK_ALT10
  5. Lip balm– I have some sort of pet peeve, where if my lips are dry or chapped, I HAVE to put on some lip balm. I always carry some sort of lip balm with me, no matter where I go. Nowadays I use a cute EOS-type one in the shape of a panda bear that Jonas’ sister got me, or my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip protectant (my fave!)
  6. Hand Cream– Alongside having moisturised lips, I always carry a mini hand-cream. Really useful, especially in the winter!41EVBzYOOFL
  7. Hand Sanitiser– I don’t have this on me at all times, but 90% of the time I will have a mini, travel hand sanitiser with me. As I do commute on the train and go into London quite a lot which includes taking the tube, I love using some anti-bac just to kill any bacteria and germs.
  8. Keys– this is a no brainer, but I always have my keys with me. Never want to be locked out of my own home! 🙂


Leave a comment below, letting me know what your number 1 must-have in your purse or handbag is! 🙂 Speak soon!

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  1. says:

    Good post, I have definitely the same first-aid products. I would add safety towels. 🙂

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