Holiday Snapshots from Lithuania

So, as many of you may know from my over-flooded Instagram and Insta-story feed, I am on holiday in Lithuania right now! Today is my last full day, but I’ve been here since last Saturday and enjoyed every moment.

It’s always nice to be home in Lithuania. I get to see my family, my friends and enjoy my time here. This holiday was much shorter than any of my previous summer holidays in Lithuania as I am now working full-time, so my summer holidays are no longer 3 months long (sad…)! But, I always try and make sure to use all the time I have in Lithuania to enjoy my time and to see everyone I want to. Although that may mean I don’t get enough sleep, it’s always nice to catch up with loved ones :).

I thought I would share some snapshots from my trip so far- you’ll see it’s tons of photos of food and drink as when you visit home for only a week, the main thing you do when you meet up with friends is go for a drink or a meal while catching up. I must say- I have probably not felt the feeling of hunger the past few days, so as odd as it may sound, I am actually looking forward to going back to Guildford and getting back to my routine. Nonetheless, I love coming home and can’t wait till I come for another long trip in December!

Speak soon! xx

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