Jamie’s Italian in Guildford

A couple weeks ago I was invited to go out and try the new summer menu at Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Guildford. Believe it or not, I haven’t been to it before even though we live 2 minutes away, so I had to go and try the place out!

Jamie’s Italian is a chain of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants that are a great place to try some delicious Italian dishes & is also a family friendly spot. I’ve been to many of these restaurants, just never the Guildford one. It’s located right in the city centre- directly next to the Friary shopping centre. Although the outside of the building may not be anything special, I must say, the food is absolutely beautiful!

We were greeted by our friendly waitor and were seated upstairs- it was quite empty on the first floor when we came in but then a few parties joined in throughout our meal, so no wonder the spaces were reserved! We started with a cocktail each and if you know me, when there is Aperol Spritz on the menu- I will go for that!

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We then ordered our dishes- to get a feel of their entire range we each got a starter, a main and a dessert. There was a really nice selection. I started with the Creamy Burrata (The king of the mozzarella world with Jamie’s herby almond pesto, cherry tomatoes & crispy music bread. I also added some San Daniele prosciutto) . The burrata was delicious and the pesto and tomato combo is always ideal! Although the plate was a bit busy, the taste was incredible… Just what I wanted:) Jonas got the Pan-Seared Scallops (Sustainably sourced scallops, Roman pea stew, smoky pancetta & herbs). A complete opposite starter- a bit heavier, warm and really filling. It was delicious as well and the flavour combination too, was outstanding. Our only critique was that there was just a bit too much liquid and we would have preferred the sauce to be more of a puree.

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For our mains, I went quite traditional with my option. Whenever there is a seafood linguine to choose from – I always select that. The linguine was prepared with squid, prawns & scallops, sweet cherry tomatoes, white wine, Calabrian chilli, capers & parsley. Normally they have mussels as well, but we were informed that the fresh delivery of the mussels that morning was questionable, so they sent them back and decided to ensure the customers are safe and get fresh seafood. This was so surprising to me- it’s incredible that a chain restaurant decided to do that- to ensure that if the seafood isn’t fresh or doesn’t look good, they send it back. It was a definite thumbs up from me for this!

When I tried the linguine, I must say I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Seafood linguine can sometimes be heavy and very creamy, but this one was soooo light and refreshing. Both Jonas and I said this was probably the BEST seafood linguine we’ve had and we have tried tons before! Jonas ordered the Famous Prawn Linguine (Garlicky prawns, tomatoes, shaved fennel, saffron, chilli & rocket). This was delicious as well. Both pastas were al-dente and fresh, if you’re a pasta fan, then Jamie’s Italian in Guildford is definitely the place to visit!

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As we’re both dessert lovers….although we were extremely full, we had to try the desserts out. We took a while to decide as there were quite a few options, but ended up getting two very different desserts. Being the chocoholic that I am, I got the Molten Praline Pudding which came with Vanilla gelato, praline & chocolate sauce. It was very rich and quite big. I am a fan of a bit less fluffy/spongey puddings, but this was lovely nonetheless. With the gelato, praline and the chocolate sauce- the combo of the 4 items was delicious! Jonas ordered the Baked Lemon & Ricotta Cheesecake (which has an Oaty biscuit base & blueberry compote on top). This was absolutely magnificent- a generous portion once again, but a nice tart taste and we both said it reminded us a bit of the Lithuanian quark-style cakes (varskes pyragas). Definitely a nice option if you want something a bit lighter!

Overall, Jamie’s Italian in Guildford was a wonderful night out- I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have walked past the restaurant thousands of times and never thought to go in, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you’re planning to go, make sure you get the pasta-  this may be some of the best I’ve had in Surrey! Book your table here.

Speak soon! xx

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