Nutrition 101: Easy ways to stay hydrated

One way of making sure you get enough water in throughout the day and stay hydrated  is to work by dividing your day into segments based on you lifestyle! So today I’m sharing quick little tips of how you can ensure you get enough water throughout the day! 🙂

1. Hydrate right when you wake up

Sleeping can be dehydrating, so hydrating first thing in the morning is really important! Try adding lemons, fresh ginger, mint or any other combinations of fruits and herbs for infused waters if you aren’t a fan of plain water! If you don’t want cold water first thing in the morning- I recommend drinking something warm or hot in the morning to stimulate digestion and bowel movements (hello, happy belly) followed by drinking more water or tea…. 🙂

2. Between your meals

Think of the space in between meals as being your “hydration times”. It’s an easy way to remember to stop the unnecessary snacking and ensuring you stay on top of your hydration throughout the day. From kombucha, sparkling water, herbal tea, infused waters to just plain water-  the key is to make it feel like you’re treating yourself throughout the day with variations of liquids!

Drinking water or other healthy alternatives will also fill up your belly and help you stop the mid-day snack attacks that are actually just indicating you may be dehydrated and thirsty! You know that mid-day energy slump? It may not just be that you’re eating too many processed sugars or too few healthy fats and protein at lunch, but it may also be that you are just dehydrated and need a bit of a hydration fix! So make sure to drink up between meals!


3. After your workout

If you workout or do some sort of activity in the day- whether that’s the gym or a fitness class, then make sure you hydrate throughout the class and also afterwards! You sweat a lot when you workout and if you don’t replenish that water loos you can cause damage to your fitness goals but also risk fatigue and serious dehydration! Make sure to drink throughout your workout but focus on drinking up afterwards!

4. In the evening

I love drinking tea throughout the day, but especially at night! It helps me unwind after a long and intense day at work but also tricks my mind into knowing that it’s almost bedtime! From turning the kettle on, putting a tea bag in the mug, pouring the hot water, adding lemon, and putting it on a tableside, it’s one of my favorite routines! Not all tea is the same, however! You don’t want to have a massive jolt of caffeine in the evening, so look for herbal teas that don’t contain caffeine; my favorites are just plain hot water with lemon, peppermint or chamomile! 🙂 If you’re not a hot drink fan- make sure to sip on some water before going to bed! It will ensure you don’t get as dehydrated throughout your night’s sleep than you would if you went to bed with no liquids in you! 🙂



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