Restaurant Review: Hart House in Fleet

The other weekend Jonas and I went to the newly opened Hart House Restaurant in Fleet (335-337 Fleet Rd, Fleet, GU51 3NT)! The Friday before we went they had the opening party which I wish we had gone to as we heard it was amazing, however we were both tired after a long week at work so decided to skip on the party and go for a lunch on Saturday! Thank you so much to Hart House for a warm welcome and an amazing lunch! In this review I’ll talk about a few things- the food, service and interior but I can definitely say that overall we loved the restaurant and will definitely plan to come back soon!


We walked into Hart House and right away both Jonas and I loved the feel of it! It’s clean and crisp with a massive skylight in the middle part of the restaurant. There is also a bar that then extends into the kitchen which everyone can watch! I love being able to see food being prepared and it just makes the experience a lot more interesting, when you can watch the chefs and them preparing the food! I don’t know why, but the restaurant had a bit of a nautical feel to me – must have been the wood and the blue colour accents!

When you walk in- there is a bar area for snacks and drinks on your right. On your left is their cafe where you can have breakfast, coffee, paninis and pastries. And straight ahead is where the main restaurant is. The toilers are upstairs, going up beautiful stairs that are in the middle of the restaurant. Upstairs there is also a private dining room with a private bar! And the best part? Booking it is completely free- all you have to pay for is the drinks and food you enjoy in the private dining area! Jonas and I were saying we can definitely consider this place for a birthday or any other future celebrations!

restaurant with stairs


The staff was really friendly, happy and very professional! We were greeted by Ross and our waitor shortly arrived at our table after we brought our drinks over from the bar. Our waitor was super friendly and was so fun to chat with! We even had a few jokes with him by the end of the meal. Service wise, Jonas and I both agree that Hart House is definitely one of the best places we’ve been to in Surrey!


We started off with getting some drinks- Jonas ordered a beer whilst I got a Bramble. I’ve got to say not only did it look pretty- it was so delicious as well! A little heavy on the ice, but they filled it to the rim with the drink so that made up for it!

We then ordered our starters- we shared the Day Special Salt & Pepper Squid with Sweet Chilli Jam and the Devon Crab Cocktail which came with Whipped Avocado, Tomato Salta and Tortilla Chips. Both were amazing- the squid was so delicious and we loved the fact that there wasn’t too much batter around it! Most places put way too much and then all you get is half batter, half squid. Here- the ratio was perfect!

The Devon Crab Cocktail was also so delicious! You could tell the tortillas were homemade and the layered cocktail was so refreshing and fresh! We shared both starters and couldn’t tell you which we liked best since they were so different but oh so beautiful!

For mains Jonas ordered the Special of the Day – Fish & Chips whilst I ordered the South Coast Sea Bream Fillet with clam and mussel Linguine and Lemon Butter Sauce. Jonas loved his fish and chips- just like the squid the batter-to-fish ratio was perfect and the chips were chunky and soft on the inside! I’m not a massive Fish & Chips fan but I would have enjoyed finishing his dish!

My Sea Bream was also delicious- it tasted fresh and it was perfectly seasoned. The portion was quite big, so I didn’t finish it all especially knowing I really wanted to try out the desserts, but I made sure I ate all the of the Fish, Clams and Mussels! No way am I letting something that delicous and fresh go to waste! I enjoyed my main with a side of Aperol Spritz whilst Jonas switched his beer up for a White Wine!

Now on to dessert…

I’ve got to say even though everything else was delicious, this was the best part!

After ordering our coffees and spending such a long time deciding what we want to get as everything sounded incredible, Jonas ordered the Belgian Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Salted Caramel Ice Cream. I on the other hand, went for something so out of my comfort zone and I am so happy I did! I ordered the Poached English Rhubarb with Pistachio Biscotti and Orange Cream Cheese. Yes, you read that correctly- cream cheese! I though it was going to be ice cream or frosting, but it was actual orange cream cheese and my oh my was it delicious!

The whole dish was presented beautifully, all aspects were delicious and complemented each other really well! The warm and soft rhubarb, the crunchy biscotti and the creamy orange cream cheese… I’m actually dreaming of it right now! It was definitely the best part of the entire meal!

The brownie was also beautiful – so fudgy and warm + the salted caramel ice-cream complemented it very well! We were both happy bunnies as we left the restaurant with our tummies full and our smiles big and bright!

Overall, Hart house in Fleet was a wonderful restaurant and the food was absolutely magnificent! The head chef Ray and his dishes were wonderful!

I know that it may not be in Guildford, but it’s so close by train and I think it’s definitely worth visiting if you are curious! We went for lunch on a Saturday, but are considering going sometime soon for dinner and drinks as we loved it that much!

Make sure to check out their website HERE and follow them on Instagram! You can find their menus on their website and call to book a table! 🙂

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