Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

Happy Easter!! Whatever you’re doing and whatever your traditions are, I hope you are having a lovely time! I’m hoping most of you are spending this lovely holiday with your friends and family!

I came home to Lithuania for the weekend and have been spending all of my time with my family. We don’t see each other too often as I live in the UK and being all 4 of us together, with no worrying about our work and everyday routines is so rare! It has been lovely to spend such quality time, enjoy each other’s company and have fun whilst playing table games last night! Even though it’s only a few days, these really do make a difference!

We’re off to have Easter breakfast this morning and then off back to Vilnius (we’re at our lakehouse at the moment) before my flight tonight! Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday so it’s nice I’ll still have a day off to sleep and rest before getting back into the swing of thing & it’ll be so much fun to spend the day with Jonas as he wasn’t able to fly home for Easter this year.

Again- happy Easter and greetings! Xx

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