4 Easy Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

With it being March and Spring slowly coming into play, I thought I’d share with all of you my top 4 ways of how to bring spring into your home! I know it was snowing in the UK the past couple of weekends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it seem like the snow is long gone and spring is here!

I love spring- it’s probably one of the most beautiful times of the year. The sun starts to come back out for a longer period of time, birds are chirping and so much of the greenery surrounding us is blooming! Why not try and replicate that at home? Here are my top 4 ways of how to do just that!

Fill your rooms with flowers!

Flowers have a transformative effect to scenery and even my mood. I feel like as long as I have beautiful flowers in our home, then I feel like it is already spring! Obviously Tulips are the epitome of spring and having various bunches of tulips around our flat is my ultimate dream! Some other flowers I love to have around are daffodils as they are also present outside nowadays and it’s nice to have a bit of a reminder in the kitchen, in our living room, or even on my bedside table, that Spring is here!

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Burn floral and fresh scented candles

In the colder months we tend to burn festive candles that are warming and comforting- filled with cinnamon, apple and pumpkin scents as it just screams Christmas and festivities. However, when it’s time for Spring I love burning lighter and more fresh scented candles! For instance- Cherry Blossom by Yankee Candle or Lime, Mandarin and Basil by Babylon Trading are my go-to scents as they are fresh and awakening! Just like Spring!


Spring clean 

Not only does Spring symbolise the beginning of something new, but it is always the time of year most people love to clean up and re-evaluate their items! I love to do a deep spring clean of my closet and my beauty cabinet to declutter and get rid of items that I no longer need. It’s lovely to know what you have is what you need and donating items that you don’t need anymore to those that do! It also declutters your home, which for some reason makes it feel like it’s spring to me! I cleaned out my closet at the beginning of March and it made me feel so productive, made it so much more clean and kind of made my mind register that it’s a new beginning- just like Spring!


Rearrange your furniture

Along the similar lines of Spring cleaning- I think rearranging furniture or re-decorating is a great idea! Jonas and I rearranged our bedroom the other weekend and it was such a refreshing experience! It seems like a room is just a room, but moving around your bed, your desk or other items can have such a massive impact on how it looks! Our bedroom looks so much bigger and brighter now, which is absolutely perfect for this time of year!

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  1. outnaboutweb says:

    Ahh I agree 100% on the flowers and the rearraging of rooms with you! Flowers just make so happy and I’m super excited for when the flowers will start to bloom outside. I just can’t wait for Spring to finally settle in, great post!
    love, elena


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