This or That Challenge- 60 Random Questions… Answered!

Hey everyone! The other day I came across a blog that had a fun post up which consisted of THIS or THAT questions that you then had to answer! I thought it would be quite a fun and interesting blog to do for you guys! Either for you to learn some VERY random things about me or for you to have for future challenges or quizzes with friends! 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you thought any of my chosen preferences was weird or if you completely agreed with something that stood out to you! 🙂 Hope you enjoy this slightly different post 🙂 xx


  1. Apartment or House- House
  2. Burgers or Pizzas– Pizza.. of course!
  3. Cardio or Weights- Weights
  4. Cats or dogs- Dogs 🙂 
  5. Chocolate or Vanilla- Chocolate… I was born in Belgium, what can I say? 🙂
  6. Cinema or Movie at home– Movie at home
  7. City or Country– Country
  8. Club or House party – House Party
  9. Comedy or Horror– Comedy all the way! No Horror for me…
  10. Dinner date or Movie date– Dinner Date ❤ 
  11. Flats or Heels– Heels!
  12. Football or Basketball– Obviously Basketball! It’s Lithuania’s second religion! 🙂 
  13. Fruits or Vegetables– Fruit
  14. Go back to the past or Go forward into the future– Go back to the past so I can relive some amazing moments and see some people I love and miss! ❤ 
  15. Halloween or Valentine’s Day– Valentine’s Day
  16. Harry Potter or Hunger Games– Harry Potter
  17. Home cooked meals or Takeout– Home Cooked Meals
  18. Hot drinks or cold drinks– Cold Drinks
  19. Indoors or Outdoors– Outdoors as much as possible!
  20. Instagram or SnapChat? – Instagram
  21. Introvert or Extrovert?– Extrovert
  22. Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?– Justin Timberlake 
  23. London or Paris?– Paris just because I haven’t been in FOREVER
  24. Long nails or short nails?– In between!
  25. M&Ms or Kit Kat?– Kit Kat!
  26. Manicure or pedicure?- Manicure
  27. Morning or Night?- Morning
  28. Movies or TV shows?– TV Shows
  29. Night or day?- Day
  30. Nike or Adidas?- Nike
  31. Overdressed or Underdressed?- Overdressed
  32. Pancakes or Waffles?– Pancakes
  33. Pen or Pencil?- Pen
  34. Red grapes or green grapes?- Red Grapes
  35. Red nail polish or blue?- Red at all times!
  36. Red or green apples?– Red
  37. Red or green bell peppers?- Red
  38. Red wine or white wine?- White! Unless it’s mulled wine or sangria 🙂
  39. Science or Art?– Can I choose both? If not… then Science!
  40. Sci-fi or Fantasy?– Sci-Fi
  41. Short hair or long hair?– Long hair
  42. Short or long dress?– Long dress
  43. Shorts or skirt?– Skirt
  44. Shower gel or soap?– Shower Gel 🙂
  45. Shower or Bath?– Bath!
  46. Singing or Dancing?– Singing
  47. Skiing or snowboarding? – Skiing, although I wish I did it more often!
  48. Smoothie or Ice cream? – Smoothies more often, but I do love Ice Cream!
  49. Snow or Rain?- Rain
  50. Spring or Autumn– Spring… love the flowers and the reawakening of nature 🙂 
  51. Star Wars or Star Trek?- Star Wars!
  52. Steak or Burger?- Burger
  53. Summer or winter?- Summer
  54. Sun or Moon?- Moon
  55. Sunrise or sunset?- Sunset
  56. Superman or Batman?- Superman
  57. Sweater or Jacket?- Sweater ❤
  58. Talking or Listening- Although I do like to think I’m a good listener… I do talk A LOT!
  59. Target or Walmart?- Target! ❤ 
  60. Tea or Coffee?– Coffee all the way!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ebony lyons says:

    i hate to be the party pooper after such a good post but theres a spelling mistake on “justine timberlake”


    1. thank you for pointing it out! 🙂 all fixed now! 🙂


  2. Keep functioning ,remarkable job!


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