Nutrition & Hydration Week!

Happy Sunday everyone!

This upcoming week: March 12-18th is National Nutrition and Hydration week! The aim of this movement is to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally. Many organisations and sectors have got involved in Nutrition and Hydration Week in previous years and this year as well, tons of workplaces are encouraging the participation of their staff members in National Nutrition & Hydration week in order to help highlight and promote nutrition and hydration throughout the week.

The Nutrition & Hydration week website (HERE) has ton of resources available for those that want to take part. If you and your workplace haven’t looked through this before, make sure to! It has a bit of info on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration but also fun activities to do at work! For instance- the 5 days of the week are split into various topics which you can cover at work + there are even some fun at work quizzes you and your colleagues or friends and family can take! It even has a hydration handbook to help those who work at care homes ensure that the elderly population gets enough fluids!

Although every person and organisation may approach this week differently, I urge all of you to promote it to your friends, family and colleagues as well! Whether it’s starting up the conversation on the importance of nutrition and hydration in our lives or lives of others- it can make a difference by getting the conversation going! Also, maybe challenge your friends to make better nutritional decisions and stay on top of hydration this week! Little steps this week can make a massive difference in the long run! xx

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