Finally A Registered Associate Nutritionist!

Hey everyone!

Super exciting news! Last week I finally became registered and now am officially a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)! I can’t believe it! This shows that my course for Nutrition was fully accredited and I can now be found on the registry!

What a great way to celebrate other than spending the day working on filming recipes for work and actually doing something I love! I always wanted to do recipes and film videos that I can share with my viewers! Now that I spent a day of doing just that for work last week – I really feel like it’s something I want to start doing and showing you guys on my youtube as well! Although our kitchen here in Guildford isn’t that great for filming and the lighting is a bit bad, I am going to think about how I can maybe make it work and do more of that for my own blog and website! Let me know if that is something you would be keen on seeing!


Also- I got tons of positive feedback for my Vitamin D blogpost, so if you have any specific queries in regards to Nutrition, leave a comment below or message me on Instagram @enjoybypaula so I know what you’d like help with and I will make sure to answer your questions!

Until next time- speak soon! Xx

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