My Top Tips: How to be a Morning Person

All of my life I’ve always been some sort of a morning person. I’ve never been part of the 4:30am club, nor was I happy to get up at 6:30 for work, but I’ve always thought of myself as someone who enjoys mornings as long as I have some sort of control over them! As the years go by, I’ve noticed that I’ve always wanted to be someone who could get up with the sun and tackle whatever challenges the morning might throw my way.

We’ve been trying to stick to a routine of waking up around 6-6:30am so that Jonas can run to the gym before work and that I commute to my place of work on time! And although it’s difficult after holidays or after being a University student for so long, I’ve had time to get used to it and there’s something I really love about being an early riser. Getting up early has allowed me to always make sure I have a bit of time for myself (especially on the weekends) to do whatever I want! On weekdays – it just gives me that extra 10-15 minutes to get my things together and select the audiobook or podcast I want to listed to that day! It also makes me feel more productive overall, as I feel like I already start my day off before many others! So… if you’ve ever wanted to become a morning person, today I thought I’d share a few of the tricks I’ve learned along the way!

Go to bed early


First things first… if you want to wake up earlier than normal and be a morning person, you need to get your sleep in! This may be difficult at first if you’re used to late nights & sleeping in, but if you want to wake up at 7, 6 or even 5 am- you need to make sure you go to sleep early enough to get those 8-9 hours of sleep a night! Jonas and I always aim to go to sleep by 10pm so that we wake up at 6am full of energy and ready to take on the day! It may be difficult to go that early at first (if you’re not used to it), but after a few days, you will find yourself feeling sleepy earlier each day as your body naturally gets used to it and feels the need for rest after waking up early!

Move your alarm clock 

I suggest setting your alarm clock or phone as far from your bed as possible as you’ll have to physically get out of bed to go and turn it off. That will probably prevent you from going back under the covers & actually get you to wake up!

Be productive

Having some time to relax in the morning is great, but it can be even more amazing to start your day off doing something productive! I know I love the feeling of putting in a load of laundry on an early weekend morning, or sorting through my e-mails and social media updates before 10 am on a Sunday! Even better- go for a workout or read a book that will inspire & motivate you for the rest of the day! If you’ve got to wake up early for work – having 30 minutes before you head out the door to get your home together will make a massive difference on how your evening will end up, especially if you did all your at home chores before you even leave in the morning!

Let natural light wake you up

Although it’s not as applicable in the winter- morning light tells your body it’s time to get up! Our bodies are naturally sensitive to light, which means you won’t sleep as well after a certain time of morning! So- if you’ve got sunlight at 6 or 7 am where you live- leave a bit of your curtains undone so that the natural light makes it easier for you to wake up  & get going! If you’re stuck with dark winter mornings as most of us nowadays – why not get a Lumie or some other alarm clock that includes a gradually increasing light to trick your mind into thinking it’s time for sunrise? 🙂 We have a Lumie by our bedside & it definitely makes our mornings easier when we wake up with the light gradually filling the room! Sometimes we even wake up before the alarm due to the soft light 🙂

Make sure you start your day off with hydration

After a full night’s sleep- your body is dehydrated! This can lead to fatigue and starting your morning off sleepy! Starting your morning with a nice tall glass of water (or lemon water if you wish) makes a great start to your day. It will wake you up, hydrate your body before your morning coffee & make sure you start the day off right!

Have a morning ritual

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The best way to make sure you become a morning person is to have something to look forward to in the mornings! Instead of rushing out the door to catch your train, skip on the traffic or run to class or work on time- waking up early to do a few things that will start your day off right can transform the day ahead! I love to sit down and have time to update my blog whilst sipping on some coffee or tea & having a light breakfast before I walk to my train! On the weekends- going for a morning walk to a local neighbourhood cafe is also a great option!

Keep going

Once you get into the habit of waking up early, try not to go back to where you started. Obviously it’s give yourself a little bit of a break on the weekend, but if you end up sleeping in until noon it will be much harder to get back into and early morning routine on Monday. Try and stick to somewhat of a routine on the weekends by going for a morning walk, going out for an early brunch or a morning workout class!

Leave a comment below letting me know which of these tips was the most helpful and if you’re aiming to be or already are a successful morning person! Xx

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