The most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas back home has been incredible! We had snow, mulled wine, champagne, Christmas trees, laughter, joy and some wonderful family time! I hope all of you had an incredible Christmas with your friends and family and enjoyed the holidays as much as I did! ❤

Now that Christmas is over and we have New Years coming up soon, let’s all think of what this year brought us! Whether it’s trials, joys or successes, I urge all of you to take  a moment in the next week to think about what this year meant and what you have achieved! Before we get into resolutions, I think it’s very important to not forget the year that is now ending 🙂

I know that I for instance, plan on making a written list of things I was thankful for this year to keep for the future and look back next year when 2019 comes around! And with that note- I am off to my flight to a place I am very excited to spend New Years in! I’ll keep you updated- speak soon! xx

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