How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

Now that it is winter and the holidays are quickly approaching, many of us may find it difficult to stay healthy. However, it is still extremely important as colds are circulating all around. To make sure you stay fully healthy and prepared for the holidays and don’t jeopardise your hard work put in during the warmer months, it is very important to eat healthy and get your nutrients in during the holiday season! You also need to make sure you enjoy the holidays but don’t completely overindulge! It’s all about balance and being happy and healthy! To make staying healthy a bit more easy for you this holiday season, I though I’d share my top tips!

  1. Even though it’s cold outside, don’t neglect the greens! Make sure you don’t skip on your greens in the winter just because the weather is a bit colder and you want something warm! Make a soup and add spinach, kale or peans or even make a warm salad! Add in some butternut squash, warm quinoa and balance with fresh and crunchy spinach, cucumbers and apples or pomegranates! Making sure you keep up your intake of healthy greens means you will boost your nutritional intake with vitamins and minerals which will fuel your body through the Christmas shopping days ahead!
  2. Set small goals & reward yourself. Just like with many other challenges, setting goals often inspires you to choose healthier options! If you have a goal in mind (or even written down) it will encourage you to make the right choice. You can even treat or reward yourself once each goal is reached! For example, if you have 5 servings of fruit & veg everyday for a week- why not go and treat yourself with some mulled wine over the weekend? 🙂 Rewards will make you more likely to achieve your goals!
  3. Stay active by doing festive things. You may think it’s too cold to exercise outside, so head for the gym or do an at home workout! However, you can also stay active by doing something festive! For instance, go ice-skating! It is fun, festive and also great exercise! If you’re not a fan of ice-skating, then go for an hour walk in your neighbourhood and check out the beautiful decorations!
  4. Mix up your water to stay hydrated! A great way of fighting colds and staying hydrated during the winter months is to have some warm lemon water in the morning! If you’re not a herbal tea fan, then this is perfect for you. Take some warm or hot water with some fresh lemons squeezed in – the instant kick of Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium will boost your immunity, wake you up and also help you stay hydrated!
  5. Soups are your best friend! They are warming, packed with vegetables and will keep you full and happy when there is snow or rain outside! Find a recipe that you will be able to make easily and make a pot of soup that will last you a couple of days!
  6. Prepare in advance. If you’re out and about, it will be a bit more difficult to snack healthy in the winter as there is a lot of temptation to buy a sweet and warm coffee or hot chocolate. One way you can ensure you make healthier options is by preparing! Whether it means meal prep on a Sunday for a couple days ahead or making sure you have some healthy snacks in your handbag or at your desk- preparing in advance will ensure you stay on track! My favourite thing is to always have clementines on my desk at work! 🙂
  7. Choose your drinks wisely. If you enjoy a drink or two over the holidays (who doesn’t?) – that is perfectly fine! Just make sure you choose your drinks wisely and avoid anything with excessive calories and sugar! Choose a G&T, a dry white wine or a Brut Prosecco over a cocktail filled with sugar or cream (like a Pina Colada or Bailey’s). Mulled wine is also a beautiful Christmassy option but do make sure you don’t over do it + stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water with each alcoholic drink you consume! This will help you reduce the risk of dehydration and a hangover the following day!
  8. Eat seasonal fruit & veg! Although some fruit & veg may not be available to all in the winter, there are still some amazing produce you can get nowadays that is fresh, delicious and also nutritious! Some examples include butternut squash, Brussel sprouts, apples, pears, cauliflower and citrus!
  9. Enjoy the season! Christmas and New Year only come around once a year, so make sure you still enjoy the season, the time with your loved ones and treat yourself to everything in moderation! ❤

Happy Holidays and speak soon! xx

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    Look forward to taste your healthy food! Myliu, Tetis

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