Visiting the Re-furbished Pizza Express in Guildford

So a couple of weeks ago Jonas and I had the pleasure of visiting the newly re-furbished Pizza Express in Guildford! I was invited to visit the new restaurant and enjoy a complimentary dinner, which I was super excited about as I hadn’t been to Pizza Express in forever!

Apparently the restaurant’s re-furbishment was heavily inspired by the works of famous author Lewis Carroll who lived in Guildford and wrote Alice in Wonderland! As you can see from the interior- there are art pieces with Rabbits, a wall filled with clocks and the bar has a checkered design that is oh so Alice in Wonderland! I had received some photos before visiting the restaurant, but when we went for dinner it was even more beautiful and cosy than I imagined!

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Jonas and I were nicely welcomed by Alice at the entrance and were seated at a table for 2 right by the wooden wall art that separated the restaurant floor into 2 sections. We quickly looked over the menu and right away knew we wanted to treat ourselves and get a drink to cheers with! I got a delicious glass of cold Prosecco whilst Jonas ordered a crisp white wine.

We then decided to share some starters- Calamari and Pizza Express Dough Balls whilst enjoying the beautiful setting. Apparently there is also a part of the restaurant that can be booked out individually for parties and pizza making evenings, where you and your group of friends make your own pizzas and then have the chefs bake and bring over the finished product to you! Although we didn’t do that this time, I’m sure it’s something I will keep in mind for special occasions!

Given that we were at Pizza Express, both Jonas and I ordered Pizza for our mains. It was even more special that we were able to see the chefs making the pizzas and baking them just behind the wooden wall. Jonas got the Pollo Ad Astra and I ordered the vegan pizza- Vegan Giardiniera. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out their vegan pizza and see how it tasted so I can give my feedback to any fellow vegans reading my blog! To be honest- although I am not vegan, this was definitely a pizza I would consider ordering again as it was so delicious! I don’t think I would have been able to tell it was vegan! I loved how it was packed with vegetables and the cheese alternative was not as heavy as normal cheese, so I did not feel too full afterwards. The combination of veggies on the pizza was so delicious I even took some home with us!


Although we were both full after our meals, we did decide that we wanted to celebrate and get some dessert also. Having had a chat with Alice about the dessert menu, I ordered the Brownie with Salted Caramel ice-cream, whilst Jonas got the Tiramisu! The brownie was dense and chocolatey and the Salted Caramel Ice Cream complimented it so well- it was divine! I’m not normally the biggest fan of Caramel, however, this ice-cream was incredible! Jonas’s Tiramisu was also delicious- so creamy and moist… it reminded us of our trip to Rome and Venice that we took almost a year ago now!

Having stuffed our faces and enjoying the atmosphere of the newly re-done Pizza Express in Guildford, we were super impressed with the service, the food and the appearance of the restaurant. We even said we will have to come back with some friends and think this will have to be a restaurant we visit more often from now on!

If you go to Guildford or live there, make sure to visit Pizza Express! It’s located at the very top of the High Street, nearby G-Live!

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