What To Do Before 2018!

As you may already tell- I love Christmas time and everything about it. My blog is being filled with festive posts nowadays, but I also wanted to take some time and write up a quick bucket list/ to-do list of things I want to do in December before 2018 comes around! I kept this list quite festive, however, it can really be personalised and tweaked to your liking.

In December I focus so much on Christmas, the festive joy of being with friend and family, that the majority of this list is in one way or another linked with Christmas. However, I also made sure to think about things I want to do before the year ends which I have the opportunity to do in this festive season. For instance- read a Christmas/Winter book! I love reading, but often times don’t take the time to read a book or choose something else to do instead. So, one of my goals before 2018 is to read an actual book that I will take the time to enjoy and cherish. If you have any recommendations for festive/seasonal books, leave them below!


I also made sure to include Ice-Skating as that is super festive, however it is definitely something I’ve been wanting to do more of! I’ve gone Ice-Skating loads of times when I lived back in Lithuania, however I haven’t gone in years so Jonas and I are planning to go either this weekend or possibly next weekend in Guildford!

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Some of the things on this list I can proudly say I’ve actually already accomplished! We’ve already decorated our Christmas Tree and I have also definitely started listening to Christmas music, so numbers 1 and 4 are 100% achieved! I can’t wait to try and achieve the remainder of these goals and I hope to keep you all updated! Keep and eye out on my Instagram as I will post either stories or photos when I get something from the list ticked off! If you have your own bucket list for the end of the year, make sure to share it with me in the comments below! Speak soon! xx

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 20.51.29.png

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