Deck the Halls with Christmas Spirit

Last Saturday Jonas and I spent the evening decorating our flat and decking it all out in Christmas gear! We decorated our tiny little tree, filled the flat with Christmas scents, hung up our stockings and put up our fairy lights in the living room! Although it’s not too much stuff, we both absolutely love what our living room looks like right now and I love coming back to our flat everyday after work as it’s like our little Christmas heaven!

We spent the evening sipping on mulled wine, enjoying baked camembert and other snacks whilst also watching The Holiday! It is a classic Christmas film that I could not believe Jonas had not seen yet! Funnily enough- my mom was watching it on the plane when she was flying with my dad from NYC to California, so it was such a funny moment when I found out we were both watching the same movie with no prior planning! Like mother like daughter, I guess! 🙂

If you are also looking for a tiny little Christmas tree, you may want to visit Marks & Spencer as that is where we got ours last year alongside the tiny Christmas tree lights and decorations! I saw them there the other day, so they have them this year as well! 🙂 Speak soon! xx


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