A refreshing home scent

I absolutely love anything that makes our home smell incredible. Whether its candles, diffusers or oil burners, there is something about a beautiful smell that fills our home that just makes me smile and all happy inside. My love for candles started back when I was in school and every couple of months I would ask my mom to get me a Yankee Candle that I would burn sparingly in my room to make sure the candle lasts as long as possible. Now that I’m older and live in a flat with Jonas, I have the epic ability to control the seasonal scents we choose and the beautiful candles that flicker in our living room.

It’s now autumn so you would think I would talk about the cinnamon and spice scented candles that I am in love with, but I will save that for a future post. I just have to preach about this incredible line of Jo Malone-inspired scents at a small boutique in Guildford called Babylon  Trading that has filled our home this past month. With a price more than half that of Jo Malone, this Lime, mandarin and basil scent has got me so excited and happy to share it with you! I got the candle as well as the diffuser and I’ve got to say I absolutely love them! The candle isn’t as strong as I would have hoped, but it still gives off a lovely and delicate scent. The diffuser on the other hand, is perfect! We have it in our bathroom and every time I walk in I fall in love with it ever more. It also reminds me of home, as my mom has the Jo Malone Lime, Mandarin and Basil candle in our guest bathroom! A beautiful and delicate scent that I will definitely be repurchasing especially at the price of <£15!


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