Redber Coffee Review and Instagram GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone (giveaway info at the end of the post)!

You must already know that I am someone who absolutely loves a good cup of coffee in the morning to wake me up, but also as a treat midday when I’m feeling like I need a bit of a pick-me-up. Jonas and I have been using a coffee machine that was left in our flat to make coffee in the mornings, but back home in Vilnius and when I lived in Exeter I used to always make coffee using a french press. The grounds for such coffee prep are normally more coarse and allow a much more full bodied and delicious cup of coffee to be made.

A month or so ago I had the pleasure of being contacted by the Redber coffee company about trying out some of their coffee roasts. I was offered to receive a bundle of goodies including a travel cup, some chocolates and what I was most excited about- 3 different coffee roasts of theirs along with a french press for me to try out! I was extremely excited to finally have a go at making french press coffee again, but even more excited about trying out this new coffee I have never heard of! Jonas and I always buy Taylor’s coffee grounds when we do our weekly grocery shop, but I was way too intrigued to try these local roasted coffees.

DSC02139 2.jpgDSC02148

Redber coffee is a local coffee roasters based in Merrow, just outside of Guildford that has become popular amongst locals who love their signature roasts. I received 3 of their coffee blends- the Sumatra Lintong (sweet with medium body, low acidity and notes of dark chocolate), Brazil Yellow Catuai (refined citric acidity and an intensely rich, creamy body with pronounced caramel taste) and the Nicaragua Matagalpa (great body, undertones of chocolate and complex fruity aromatics). My favorite has definitely got to be the Nicaragua Matagalpa as it’s rich, smooth and a delicious blend to have in the morning when I’m trying to start my day off right! The others are also extremely lovely, all giving a bit of a different taste and experience, so you’re spoilt for choice!


As I mentioned, I also received an Ecoffee travel mug (made from Bamboo fibres), bodum coffee press cafetiere and some delicious Elizabeth Shaw orange chocolates which were incredibly delicious. Coming from a person who doesn’t particularly enjoy the chocolate-orange combination this means a lot! We devoured the entire box in 3 nights! You can also purchase these goodies on their website along with the coffee roasts.


I highly recommend you try out the Redber roasts, which you can buy online on their website. I know I am definitely going to buy more of the Nacaragua Matagalpa roast as I’m already out of it! I wish I could describe the coffee more to you, but I am not the best with describing such things through a blogpost! So I highly urge you to order it and try it out yourself… or take part in the giveaway currently running on my Instagram! 3 lucky winners will be receiving a bundle each to try out some of the delicious coffees Redber offers along with the Bodum cafetiere, chocolates and travel cup! Make sure you enter by commenting on my Instagram post HERE…. MORE INFO BELOW!!!

DSC02141 2.jpg


To enter the competition you must like/follow both Instagram accounts @enjoybypaula & @redber_coffee and tag your coffee buddy in the comments of my instagram photo for this giveaway! The 3 winners will be chosen at random and contacted directly.

  • UK entrants only.
  • Competition closes on Wednesday, the 19th of July at 13:00.
  • Winners will receive 3 x 125g bags of ground Redber coffee, a 3 cup Bodum cafetiere, an Ecoffee Cup and a box of Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates (multiple colour and flavour choices are available for the winners to choose from).

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