Recipe: Healthy and Quick Acai Bowl 

In the summer there is nothing better than a smoothie or a smoothie bowl for breakfast! I’ve always loved making acai bowls but recently I got acai berry sachets that are frozen and you can use instead of powder. I tried out making an acai bowl with it since it’s one of my faves and I loved the idea of using frozen berry purree rather than powder. It turned out incredible! You can top acai bowls with anything you like- I always recommend chia seeds or granola, coconut, cacao nibs and lots of fruit! It’s a light breakfast that is great on warm summer mornings and is a beautiful sight as well!

For my acai bowl I also used fresh strawberries and a frozen banana + topped it off with some more fresh banana, strawberries and chia seeds. I was running low on fruit in our flat, but I highly recommend adding  mango, blueberries or any of your favorites. If you want more fibre,  add more chia seeds, nuts or peanut butter as well as granola!

Acai berries are rich in fibre, Vitamin A among other minerals and vitamins + rich in plant sterols. The chia seeds are full of fibre, protein and omega-3 fats which will not only help maintain your blood glucose levels but also make you fuller for longer and keep your energy levels up for a longer period of time. The Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, manganese and iodine and the banana is a great source of quick release energy and Vitamin B6.

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Recipe: Makes 1 bowl


1 sachet of frozen acai puree (I use Sambazon from Tesco)

1 frozen banana

Berries or fruit of your choice (if you wish)



1. Thaw the acai sachet under hot running water for a few seconds just to make it easier to use and throw in a blender along with the rest of the fruit. I used frozen banana and fresh strawberries but feel free to use anything you like! You can even add peanut or almond putter if you want it to be thicker, creamier and more filling.

2. Add water to taste and to the texture you would like – the more you make acai smoothie bowls the more aware you will become of what is the right amount, but I tend to add about 1/3 cup of water.

3. Blend until smooth, pour into a bowl and top with toppings of your choice!

4. Enjoy!


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