Italy Travel Diaries: Rome Day 2

Hey everyone, so I’m finally sharing our photos from our 2nd day in Italy! The first day photos can be seen here, and this is what we got up to on our second day! 🙂

We woke up early, had some delicious coffee and sandwiches and headed towards the beautiful and grand Colosseum! Jonas had always dreamt about seeing it in real life and it was so nice to see him enjoy the architectural masterpiece! We were also extremely lucky with the weather as it was warm and sunny, definitely went well with our expectations!



We were able to skip the line as we got the ROMA PASS- which we highly recommend! After receiving the audioguide, we went inside and spent around an hour just walking around the learning about the history and architecture of the Colosseum.


Along with the entrance into the Colosseum itself, we were also able to go visit the Roman Forum which is right next to the Colosseum. Walking around it was amazing- seeing all the ruins and how some of them have stayed so well preserved! Imagining how the ancient people of Rome used to walk around there, cross paths with senators and possibly even emperors…. Some of the columns and doors were so grand, that you can only imaging what it looked like before.


On top of the Roman Forum lies the Palatine Hill  which we climbed up and got to experience and amazing view- Rome from above. With the Forum and the Colosseum beneath our feet, we were in awe and could not bear the thought of having to leave this place. It seriously felt like we were in a movie, imagining what it looked like hundreds and thousands of years ago. If I can suggest a tourist attraction in Rome, I definitely suggest going to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. A little glimpse of what it used to look like in the ancient times. fullsizeoutput_a212fullsizeoutput_a213fullsizeoutput_a214fullsizeoutput_a216fullsizeoutput_a218fullsizeoutput_a21afullsizeoutput_a21cfullsizeoutput_a21efullsizeoutput_a21f

After such an amazing morning, we made our way through some of the beautiful streets of Rome, grabbed a light lunch and headed to the other side of the river Tiber, to Trastevere!


Trastevere is a quarter of Rome that used to be where less rich Romans used to live back in the day, but now it has become  a highly visited tourist place. It is different than the centre of Rome and reminded me quite a bit of Uzupis, the bohemian corner of Vilnius! It is filled with cafes that offer massive amounts of food for a quarter of the price you would get in the centre of Rome. The little streets are definitely a sight worth seeing. We strolled around for a few hours and grabbed some delicious gelato from Gelateria Alla Scala Trastevere, which was possibly the best gelato we tried while we were in Italy!



As it was still quite early and we knew we wanted to stay for dinner in Trastevere, we decided to walk up the Janiculum hill next to Orto Botanico, where we got to experience another beautiful skyline view. We then walked up the hill a bit further and sat by the Gianicolo Fountain before heading back down towards Trastevere for dinner.


After enjoying a delicious dinner at Alle fratte di Trastevere , we walked back to the centre of Rome. Finally, we stopped by the Trevi Fountain and Altare della Patria before heading back to our hotel 🙂 It was such an incredible day and definitely one of our favorites! fullsizeoutput_a27b


Day 3 in Rome will be up soon, which covers some of the things we saw in Vatican City and a concert! 🙂

Hope you liked seeing what we got up to! 🙂 Speak to you soon! Xx

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  1. Deborah says:

    I really like your pictures ! And Rome! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Rome is so beautiful!❤️ thanks for reading!:)


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