Afternoon in London

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA, but I’ve been swamped with deadlines plus we had Jonas’s sister over this past weekend with her family! It’s been a busy week so far, but I’m happy I managed to squeeze in this update! Last Friday I went into London for just a couple of hours after lectures to meet up with my brother and our friend Zygis, who was visiting London for the first time! They spent the weekend together but as I was already busy with other plans I only managed to go meet them for a couple of hours. It was still really fun! We met up by Buckingham Palace, went for some coffee and snacks at St. James’s Park and walked to Covent Garden before I headed back to Guildford and they went for delicious burgers at Shake Shack. It was so lovely to hang out with them for a bit and change my surroundings 🙂 Anyways, I’ve finally submitted one of my course works I’ve worked on for the past 3 weeks but have 2 more deadlines coming up, so I’ll definitely be doing loads of work this next week. I don’t have any lectures next week though, so look out for posts coming then- I’ve got a few recipes I need to share with you as well as more photos from Italy (finally!)

Speak to you all soon! Xx

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  1. PrimroseBigwood says:

    Love this! Looks so fab! x

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