Travel Tips and Must Haves!

Hey everyone! This post has been suggested by Tripping, who have asked if I would like to share my travel tips & tricks with you alongside my travel must haves! I thought it’s the perfect time for me to share this with you all as I’m currently on holiday in Italy! Hope you find these tips helpful and make sure you check out and some of the beautiful Florida vacation home rentals they have if you are planning a trip to the sunshine state here! πŸ™‚ Let me know which of these tips is your favorite in the comments below! Xx

  1. Water! – have to stay hydrated during long flights or travel days. Airplanes can be really dehydrating and that is never fun for your skin or your energy levels, so I always make sure to have a huge bottle of water with me! img_0640.jpg
  2. Snacks– Who doesn’t love picking up delicious and healthy snacks? I love to stop by Pret a Manger and picking up a nice coffee if I’m in the mood for it and a selection of snacks – fruit pots, rice cakes, maybe some trail mix or dark chocolate. I can get a bit hungry on flights so I make sure I pick something up to avoid buying not-so-healthy choices on the plane! Plus airplane food isn’t always the best, so I try and avoid it unless I’m on extra long flights!
  3. Hand cream– this one is similar to water- our skin can get dehydrated when flying or on long roadtrips, so I must have some moisturizer with me. Since I tend to wear makeup, I avoid face moisturizer, but have to have some hand cream in a travel-size with me! My favorite- L’occitane! πŸ™‚ loccitane-hand-cream-sample-m.gif
  4. Something to read or listen to– whether you love music, audiobooks or have a magazine or book you want to read, this is the perfect time. Hours of sitting still can pass by so quickly if you’re immersed into music or a beautiful story written in letters. I love audible, but for my vacation now I’m bringing along a book that I’ve been planning to read for years and that Jonas keeps telling me is worth reading – Emotional Intelligence. 41LAfPTpTyL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
  5. Fuzzy socks for long flights or car rides- These are a life saver! If you’re planning a cross Atlantic or a very long trip, definitely bring a pair of soft and warm socks to put on when you get on the plane! I like to take my shoes off and swap my socks for some clean, fresh and warm socks to wear as slippers:) My parents have been doing this for years and I remember the first time I did this- I keep questions why I haven’t done this for longer! It let’s your circulation work easier, you stay more comfortable, plus if you’re bringing funky coloured ones- they’re a conversation starter! πŸ™‚
  6. Face cleansing wipes – something that is crucial during extra long flights. Whether you want to use them to clean up, wipe your hands, remove your make-up or just freshen up, these are a great multi-tasking product to bring along! If I’m on extra long flights I will remove my face make-up and re-apply it before I land. I also love these just to clean my hands if I get messy with food or snacks πŸ™‚
  7. A cosy and warm jumper – air conditioning on airplanes can be a bit over the top. The same for road trips- if you’re travelling all day you may face some changes in temperature, so make sure you bring along a warm jumper that’s easy to put on and take off when there are temperature changes! A must have for me!6e32bd86-7c29-4e3a-9efc-ffa343172ff9.jpg
  8. Painkillers– this is sometimes forgotten. We carry painkillers with us or have easy access to them on a normal basis, but we sometimes forget them when we travel! Nothing is worse than being sick during a trip and not having any painkillers to make things better when you’re up in the sky or stuck in traffic between destinations. So make sure you buy a small pack of painkillers at the airport in case you, your family or anyone else needs them!

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