Straight out of a movie

Goodmorning everyone! I hope you are well and the end of this year consists of making many beautiful memories. I’m going back to the UK tomorrow after what seems like the shortest break I’ve had. It’s been busy trying to enjoy the holidays, meet up with friends and family, relax, do a bit of work, workout and also sleep! I’m excited to get back into our daily routines though and start to slowly focus on exams and a few courseworks when I get back, hit up the gym regularly and also sleep off the hours I’m missing! 🙂

Yesterday Jonas and I went on a roadtrip- we left at around 10, stopped to get breakfast and went to visit his grandmother and also one of my grandparents! The journey was so beautiful- it was cold and snowing and the view was straight from a picturesque movie. The beautiful trees half covered with snow and the road leading deep into Lithuanian countryside…. so beautiful. I had to share this photo with you all! It was such a nice trip- just us, fun music, the beautiful view and no work related things to worry about:) I’ll remember this trip for a long time! Speak to you soon! Xx

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