Caseier Monet Phone Case

Hey everyone!

As you may have already noticed- I love trying out new phone cases. They’re a nice way to protect your phone, but also act as an accessory 🙂 I was contacted by Caseier a couple of weeks ago asking if I would like to try out one of their phone cases and was delighted to choose a case I liked! I’ve never heard of the company before, but the cases they offer are very different from anything I’ve already seen! As I absolutely love Monet and his water lillies art collection, I was very happy to see a line of phone cases with his art work and decided to try it out! When it arrived, I firstly noticed how beautifully bright and crisp the colors were and how easy the case was to put on. I was also very happy and surprised that the art work is actually textured so it looks like it has been painted onto the phone case directly- something other companies often miss out. Although this may not be hand-painted by Monet, this textured paint look is ultra cool and definitely very unique! 🙂

I also received a cute little phone case gift box and a discount code for all you guys to use if you order from them! The case I got is only £7.97 originally, but the discount code “HELLOCASEIER” will give you $3 off when you register on their website during your first purchase! I hope you try Caseier and their cases out (here!) and let me know if you do! I’m absolutely in love with the one I have and have been using it for the past week 🙂  Speak to you soon! Xx


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