Spontaneous English Lunch Date

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you had a lovely week! I was very busy with lectures and got to see my exam timetable for January (aaah!), but I am quite happy about it and look forward to having those done and over with. Yesterday I had the day off lectures to work with my team for a presentation we have to do next week and once we were done, Jonas surprised me by asking me out for a lunch date in town! We stopped by lush on the way there and ended up eating at Bill’s. As you may already know, I love Bill’s and have gone there multiple times, but this was the first time I tried out something very English and traditional- a fish pie. It was so delicious and so filling, I definitely recommend it 🙂 We also got some potato and rosemary bread in the beginning and a mini mac and cheese to share, Jonas ordered the Shepherd’s pie and I also indulged in a hot elderflower cordial 🙂 We did a bit of Christmas shopping after that in town, but are about to head out again today after our workout and my riding lesson! Can’t wait to have a lovely weekend free-from coursework and full of fun activities! Have a great one too and let me know what your weekend plans are! xx

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