Friday Night Burgers!

Hey everyone! This evening my brother came to visit Jonas and I! He’s staying until Sunday morning and we decided to have a nice Friday-night in 🙂 I prepared some home-made burgers while the guys chatted and now we just finished eating them and are just chilling 🙂 The burgers were delicious- I bought some brioche buns, beef burgers, prepped toppings and some home-made sweet potato fries 🙂 A healthy version of a cheat meal 🙂 Jonas and Raimundas are watching a movie called “the suicide squad” together, but it wasn’t something I was interested in watching so I’m doing a bit of blogging and gift shopping 🙂 Off to go look for more presents and then maybe time for bed! We have a fun day planned tomorrow, so speak to you in the morning! Xx


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  1. USACKAS Vygaudas (EEAS-MOSCOW) says:

    Is IT healthy?..:)

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    1. Not very, but sometimes everything in moderation is good!:)


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