Get Well Soon Evening

Hey lovelies! As you may know, last week I was actually quite sick- I had a cold for almost a week and had to stay home from lectures to get better! I am finally back to normal and healthy now, but I though I’d share what I did to get better faster! I drank loads of tea stayed in my robe and in bed all day long, had loads of Vitamin C and enjoyed hot baths! There’s something about hot baths with wonderful pampering products that make you fell 100 times better! I always run an extra hot bath, pop in a lush bathbomb, light some candles and watch an episode or two of friends while I relax. It’s so wonderful! I also make sure to do a face mask (I used my lovely Body Shop Amazonian Acai mask), cleanse my face with my Kiehl’s deep pore cleanser and finish off with a lovely body cream from Bath & Body works! The Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt was also a lovely treat – definitely my favorite Lindt bar! 🙂 I’ve also listed the products with the links down below if you want to check them out yourselves!

Let me know if you like to take baths when you’re sick and if you’ve tried out any of these lovely products before 🙂 Speak to you soon! Xx


Get the products:

Body Shop Amazonian Acai face mask – here!

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser – here!

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Cream – here!

Lush Fizzbanger Bathbomb – here!

Lindt Dark Chocolate with Touch of Sea Salt – here!


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