Healthy Snacks with November Sourced Box

Hey guys! Sorry for being so busy- my university hours and work have been quite intense again, plus I just came back from an incredible vacation in Barcelona! The photos from that trip will hopefully be up this week, so keep an eye out! Anyways, as I have been subscribed to Sourced box for a couple of months now, I wanted to share what came in the November box! It’s a bit late, but hopefully you still enjoy it! 🙂


This month it arrived with: apple crisps, superfood hot chocolate, rawbite bar (which was super delicious!), slightly peppered coconut curls, raw chocolate bar, coconut milk & vanilla drink (which I can’t wait to try), lemon energy balls (probably my favorite so far), raw chocolate and activate almond spread, multigrain porridge, and sesame/omega sprinkles. I haven’t tried much of the box contents just yet, but can’t wait to try them all in the next few days! 🙂 I think I’ll wait for the December box, but may stop my subscription for a while after that just to save some money and enjoy the snacks I love already 🙂 dsc05661dsc05668

let me know which snack you’d like to try out in the comments below! 🙂

Speak to you soon, Xx!

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