Magical Breakfast at the Savoy Hotel, London

Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting up with my parents and brother and spending the day with them in Guildford! It was such a wonderful day that also started in an exquisite manner. I got up in the morning and went all the way to London to meet up with my mom at the Savoy hotel, where we had breakfast at the Thames Foyer. It was so spectacular that I decided to do a blogpost to share my experience with you guys 🙂

The entryway was decorated with beautiful, pink orchids and the foyer we sat in had a big bird-cage like gazebo under the glass dome. We sat down to pick our breakfast and ended up ordering papaya to share, egg’s royale for my mom and old-fashioned Belgian waffles with berries for me. When the food arrived it was so delicious and so beautifully presented! The waffles were amazing- soft and chewy but a little crunchy on the outside- just like they’re meant to be! We chatted for about an hour so definitely took our time to finish, but it was such a beautiful breakfast with gorgeous surroundings. The service was also top-notch and felt similar to an afternoon-tea. I absolutely loved it here and hope to come here for breakfast or afternoon tea with Jonas in the future!

Speak to you soon! Xx

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  1. Flor says:

    It looks soooooo gorgeous! I wish i could be there every afternoon haha. thanks for sharing! x

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    1. Yes it was wonderful! Thanks for reading!:)

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  2. This looks amazing! Sophie x

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    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the blog!❤️

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