The Body Shop Face Masks

The body shop is definitely one of my favorite skin-care companies in the UK and Lithuania. I love their tea-tree range as well as the body butters, but this summer they came out with a new range of face masks! My mom and I ended up purchasing one each, when I was back home in Vilnius this summer, but I forgot to post this blogpost so sorry for the delay!

We walked into the body shop in search for a new body moisturizer for her, but also ended up picking up a face mask each! She got the “British Rose fresh plumping mask” and I picked up the “Amazonian Acai energising radiance mask“. Both came in beautiful packaging- glass jars with matte lids and beautiful grey boxes. I love how sturdy the jars are- just their packaging sets high expectations.

I only tried the plumping rose mask once, but I must say I loved the consistency of it- it was similar to a peel-off mask as it was very thin, jelly-like and clear. The smell is divine- roses! Although I only tried it once, I loved the way my skin felt more firm and smooth once I washed the mask off, my mom said she loved the way it felt also! She specifically enjoys the fact that it is almost unnoticeable, so she can walk around the house without feeling like a zombie! 🙂

However, I have been able to try the amazonian acai mask multiple times already! I used it tons at the end of the summer and beginning of fall since it was the only mask I had back in Lithuania, but now that I’m back in Guildford I’m rotating the masks I use depending on what my skin needs 🙂 This one is a lot more noticeable than the rose one since it is quite a deep pink colour, plus it contains little seeds in the mask that allow exfoliation when washing it off. I must say, everytime I use it I just LOVE how smooth and awake my skin feels! It’s actually quite weird that it isn’t a strong cooling mask or anything like that, but I think the healthy components of the acai berries as well as the manual exfoliation you get when rinsing it off makes it such a “wake-up” mask! The smell is also something to look forward to – almost like a delicious, sweet, berry jam! Definitely one of my favorites in my mask collection! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you tried out these body shop masks, or if you have any other mask that you love and I must try! 🙂 Speak to you soon! Xx



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